Economy/Finance - Bitcoin keeps soaring after Tesla investments

Bitcoin keeps soaring after Tesla investments

E-currency seems to be on the rise, this year as Bitcoin hits the roof. Many have alluded to the increase in the recent investment into Dogecoin by Elon Musk.  Bitcoin values surges as Elon Musk invest in e-currency  It seems the cryptocurrency industry is enjoying at this moment after breaking been valued at $50,000 early last week. On Sunday, it has risen to $59,000, and it continues to hit the roof. Cryptocurrency business has risen more than 92% this year alone and is valued at more than $1 trillion. Many tech experts believe the recent spikes are linked to the investment in bitcoin of Tesla's founder Elon Musk.  This might be true, but Bitcoin has a track record of having price fluctuation. It has fallen and risen more than thirty times since it was created in 2008. It was valued at...