RTP which means the percentage return to player of any game. Every gaming machine prize differs from game to game depending on their category. For the Aviator game the developer states that it's payout ratio is 97%. This implies that with 100 rounds when you play the little plane takes off at a multiplier of 0.00 and you can make a profit. 


The Aviator which we known to be a very interesting game. It's algorithm of the round result is totally generated through four independent participants during the round, they are: the operator and the three players. During the procedure, the operator generates a server seed which is composed of 16 random symbols. For further information check the aviator app, The hashed type of this value is made to be viewed publicly especially before the game round commences and it can also be viewed in the "Provably fair" settings which can be found at the users menu. The client seed generated is found on each player's side. Just at the start of the Aviator game round, the values of the first 3 players are always applied to generate the round result.


The Aviator game made its users or players possess various means to get accessibility to their platforms in all versions these are :

  1. The Web version: On the Web version, The Aviator chat window is located on the right side of the screen. The users or players can use it to communicate with every other players, also to receive important information from the moderators.
  2. Mobile version: On the mobile version the chat window is located at the bottom of the screen.

The chat can be used for the following :

  • For sending messages to all players in the room
  • To receive pop-up notification about relevant events
  • To receive information about an action by another player
  • To report any problems encountered during the game.