The travel industry in the UK has begged for a clear road map and financial assistance for its sector. This is because the industry has been the worst hit by the lockdown. 

Britain travels industry pleads for financial aid

The travel and aviation industry in Britain has told the UK Prime Minister to offer a viable solution to let people travel safely in summer. A plethora of travel organizations has sent a letter to minister Boris Johnson pleading for financial aid and a good economic road map to prevent more people from losing employment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

'' We have sent a note to the Minister to assist this industry and proffer a workable solution out of this quagmire ''. 

The minister has promised to bring out his plans for economic recovery when he starts easing lockdowns by February 23. During the present lockdown plans, holidays are banned and most entertainment and tourist destinations have been warned to stop operations till further notice. This has greatly affected workers and owners of the travel industry who have incurred a huge financial loss. 

The government will come out with an economic package after lockdown - Source 

The only travel permits are for essential goods and life-threatening health emergencies. A source in the prime minister cabinet has said there are robust packages which the government has arranged to support those in the industry. However, travel industry experts have warned that unless the UK government does more for the industry, it will affect many jobs.

A minimum bailout of about £70 billion is expected to help this industry get back on its feet. About 160,000 travel jobs have been lost during the lockdown. Travel agents, cargo airlines, and other travel industry workers have continued to expect a bailout from the government to make the sector recover. 

Adams Trevor, an aviation analyst says that unless the lockdown is lifted and funds invested in the industry, things will be bad for all aviation workers.