The UK leader insists his government will do more to send vaccines to poor countries. He announced during a G7 meeting on Friday. 

Poorer nations to receive excess vaccines - PM Boris Johnson 

The UK Prime minister has said his country will live up to its responsibilities by helping poorer countries combat the COVID-19 virus. In a virtual speech at the G7 summit, he said some supplies will be said to poor nations. However, he didn't state which nation will get the vaccines in what quantity. 

He also pleaded with other wealthy nations to support a 100-day target for new vaccines for expected future infections. Britain has ordered about 500 million vaccine jabs so that there would be extras once all adult Britain citizens have been vaccinated. However, anti-poverty groups in the UK have said the country isn't doing enough for poor nations. 

How the surplus vaccines will be distributed will be decided later, because there are still many contingencies to consider. Some of these contingencies are if extra vaccines will be needed during autumn. 

Johnson insists Vaccines will reach everywhere 

'' Science has finally defeated coronavirus, and we don't have to be selfish. Our duty as world leaders is to make sure these vaccines get to all corners of the world so that we can all conquer this pandemic together. '' 

He said he aims to get the vaccine everywhere. After the meeting, the G7 leaders issued a statement saying that they have all agreed to send vaccines to developing nations. Last week, the French president, Macron lambasted rich nations for not supporting war-torn and poor countries. 

He said selfishness will not benefit anybody. He also said each country should give 5 to 6 percent of their current vaccine supply to poor nations. However, there is still the problem of supply pharmaceutical companies which should be resolved soon.