The dog represents much more than just a pet. As an everyday companion, it is quite normal that a fairly strong bond develops between him and his owner, who decides not to put a collar on him. However, sometimes the owner is not very vigilant and gets separated from the dog. What to do in order to unite the two companions?

The first option

It is easier to identify a stray dog that has its collar, than a dog that does not have one at all. However, it's not an impossible mission. Click on the link below to learn more. To help an owner find his or her dog, the first thing to do is to contact the animal shelters, vet centers, pounds and animal control centers in the community where the dog is found. The agents of one of these centers in charge of managing animals, record the description of the dog. At the same time, the owner calls the centers of his locality to give information about his disappearance. It is then made a cross that will identify the dog and return it to its owner.

Second option

The second way to collect the dog and his boss is to produce posters. On this poster, you need to put information such as the photo and description of the dog, as well as the phone number of the person who found him. These posters posted on social networks, and distributed in the locality or stuck on walls, on trees in the park or precisely in the most frequented spaces, is also a way to reach more people. However, it should be noted that a stray dog is hungry and disoriented. It may be aggressive. It is therefore reasonable to approach it without making any gestures that could frighten it. With these reactions, the owner has a better chance of finding his fur ball.