After weeks of peaceful demonstrations against the coup, Burmese citizens have been shot dead. Citizens defy government order and insist the military must leave. 

Young lady dies and protests claim the first casualty in Myanmar 

The mammoth crowd at the Myanmar major cities was in a sorrowful mood on the weekend. The demonstrations in Nay Pyi turned bloody as a young lady was killed during the protest. The victim Mya thwe thwe Khaing gun down after being shot at the protest. 

She should have celebrated her 21st birthday on February 26. 

The protest in Myanmar was a peaceful one against the coup which removed democratic elected leaders. It is reported that more than three citizens have died, however, the gory pictures of hounds were awash on media platforms. Thousands of citizens throng the streets in an act to honor the dead. The military has promised to organize a new election, with no specific date given.

Leader Aung San Suu Kyi still detained 

However, what infuriated the crowd is the continued detention of leader Aung San Suu Kyi and president Myint. The army has insisted that the leader is guilty of importing illegal communication devices which she uses to rig the November election. This has been soundly denied by the NLD leaders and the independent commission set up to look into the issue. Last week, the US, UK, and Canada issued various sanctions against the leaders, but this hasn't slowed down the violent suppression. 

Armored tanks can be seen on the streets trying to scare protesters back to their homes. The demonstrators have defied the government order on public demonstrations, and they continue to enter the streets daily to protest. The Burmese army said the majority of the citizens are unhappy with the democratic government and that is why they have organized a coup. The UN warned via their secretary Antonio Guterres that they will take action if these abuses continue.