UK Criminal Injury Compensation Claims Advice

Personal injury solicitors deal with applications to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). Most criminal injury compensation solicitors advice and services are completely risk free, meaning there are no fees to be paid if your claim application is unsuccessful for any reason. Criminal; injury solicitors independent with no connection to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

To begin a no win no fee criminal injury compensation claim, a solicitor will obtain full details of your claim direct from you and complete the CICA documentation. The application form is then submitted to the CICA offices in London or Glasgow. The form can be lengthy and details all the facts of the assault that resulted in the injuries and medical trauma. The CICA will acknowledge that they have received the information and an investigation will commence. The investigation process includes obtaining reports and information from the police and medical authorities usually including your own GP prior to asking you (the claimant) to update the medical and financial position if that is appropriate. In some instances, additional information may be required for the CICA to make an informed decision and you may be requested to answer further written questions. Once enough evidence has been collected, the CICA will decide whether to offer compensation for the claim either in full or at a reduced rate or whether to reject it. All decisions will be provided in writing to the claimant and any decisions at any step along the way can either be reconsidered by a more senior CICA officer or appealed. The most common reasons for rejection of an application with no award being made are failing to co-operate with the investigation of the offence by the police, unacceptable behaviour before during or after the incident giving rise to the assault and the claimants unspent criminal convictions which are not necessarily restricted to those involving violence. The logic in rejection or refusal is that it would be inappropriate to compensate a person of bad character from public funds.


If you receive an undesired decision, there are two appeals procedures that can be initiated. An initial decision by an ordinary case officer can be reviewed upon request, by a more senior case officer. This senior case officer has the authority to amend the initial decision or to re-instate the existing decision. Forms to complete this appeal will be included with the initial written decision provided to the claimant by the CICA. If, after this initial reconsideration, you still have undesirable results, an appeal can be made to the independent Appeal Tribunal. The forms for application to the Appeal Tribunal are also provided with the initial written decision.


A no win no fee criminal injury compensation solicitor will provide clear, unequivocal advice on your chances of success and the anticipated value of your claim. They have a client-centered approach to CICA claims and will focus entirely on your needs. A lawyer provides vigorous, expert representation which ensures that you receive fair and equitable compensation for your injuries.

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