Top Reasons You Might Need a Criminal Lawyer in Melbourne

Criminal law is a complex area of Australian legislation; people from all groups within the community can be faced with criminal charges, from janitors to the unemployed to bankers.

Criminal charges can range from traffic fines to theft, fraud and misrepresentation.

If a person doesn’t understand the complexity of what they have been charged with, or believe that they have been mistakenly placed with sanctions on them that are wrong, then a good criminal lawyer can assist with the case.

Here are some reasons why engaging an expert to defend against charges will pay off:

  1. Complex Understanding of the Nature of the Legal System

Legal jargon such as misdemeanour, felony, grievous bodily harm, bail, and other sundry legal terms that are not easily understood without years of dedicated study of criminal law and legislation can leave a person reeling.

The court system can be a nexus of convolution, with different courts having different jurisdictions. Depending on the charges, and other types of facets involved in a case, it can cause a lot of stress and misunderstanding to the uninitiated.

The engagement of a law professional to focus in on what precisely everything means and to alleviate any frustration and confusion in the client is an investment in simply getting on with life, and removing stress.

The complexity of the legal system is best delegated to someone who knows what they are doing, and what to expect.

  1. Preservation of Freedom

If a person is presented with certain charges, they may have to make a case for bail.

A good legal representative will present to the court a bail order made on behalf of the person charged, and will ensure that the person can fulfil the requirements of being out on bail and not having to be detained while waiting for the charges to be presented in court.

This is particularly important for the person who believes they have been framed in a case, or been mischarged.

A person can still be able to conduct their day-to-day affairs, and fulfil all bail requirements if they have engaged a good criminal lawyer to walk them through the process.

  1. A good criminal lawyer in Melbourne Know What They Are Doing

Solicitors can handle a number of different aspects of law, and the perception is that engaging a lawyer on a general basis will assist in the defence against criminal charges.

A general lawyer, even though the base qualification is the same as a criminal specialist, does not have the same depth of understanding of the criminal justice system.

After a student of the law graduates, they go on to a legal firm who trains them to specialise in a particular area of law.

A criminal law expert has gone on to focus on the justice system, and will have a mastery of the knowledge required to understand and defend a person facing charges.

If a client engages a general solicitor, they may get less than satisfactory results in court, and end up in a far worse situation.

  1. Advice on How to Plead In Court

When faced with charges, a person is required to respond to with either guilty or not guilty.

The advice is going to be entirely dependent on the circumstances of the case, and sometimes the advice might be to respond with being guilty, and have punitive measures reduced or suspended.

If an accused person pleads not guilty, the onus is then on the prosecutor to come up with the weight of evidence to ensure that the charges are pushed through the court, in order to get a guilty verdict.

At times it is faster and less hassle to plead guilty, pay a fine, and keep on going with life and viewing the charge as a minor life impediment.

It may be a thwart to the ego having to plead guilty to a minor charge for a person, however wasting excessive time, money and other personal resources in order to defend something that is minor is more of an impediment than simply paying off a fine over a period of time.

A good criminal lawyer will look at all facets of the charges, and advise accordingly, taking all of a person’s circumstances into consideration.


Having charges for criminal offences against a person can be stressful and mentally debilitating. Anyone can have it happen, and police can make mistakes and unfair circumstances occur.

Traffic fines that were unexpected and sundry other legal entanglements are both inconvenient and an imposition on day-to-day life.

Engaging a good criminal lawyer who can quickly and effectively advise on how to proceed and handle the charge can assist in life going back to normal.

The person facing the charge can go back to regaining enjoyment through knowing it is being effectively dealt with.

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