Climate Change Litigation In The Southern Asia Region

Judge Malcolm Simmons gave an excellent presentation on climate change litigation in Southern Asia.  The conference was attended by many eminent judges and academics from the region.

Malcolm Simmons presented the strategic polices for responding to climate change impacts over the next 10 years (2014–2024). The policy defines five thematic goals and strategies that the Governments in the region have prioritized for implementation to ensure that safety and resilience are achieved.

The five strategic policy goals provide a pathway to an integrated approach, for the entire region: (i) ensure and integrate sustainable financing in climate change adaptation opportunities and low emission development measures; (ii) strengthen a low emission development future and ensure energy security for the region; (iii) strengthen adaptation actions and opportunities and build climate resilient infrastructure and communities to address current and future vulnerabilities; (iv) inculcate national, regional and international climate change advocacy role in leading the international negotiations and awareness in cross-sectorial areas in favour of the most vulnerable and small island developing states; and (v) foster sustainable development while ensuring security, economic sustainability and sovereignty from the negative consequences of the changing climate.

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