American Bar Association’s Magazine Runs Article Addressing Running a Solo Practice Featuing Yours Truly

Well, time to toot my own horn. The most recent November 2009 edition of the American Bar Association’s Magazine, the ABA Journal, included a feature article entitled “So You Want To Go Solo? You Sure?” which included an interview (and yes a picture) of me regarding how I have incorporated social media, and specifically this blog, into my work as a solo practitioner. I am honored to have been approached and interviewed for this article published in one of the most widely read publications by lawyers throughout the country.
I would also like to thank Susan Cartier Liebel, founder of Solo Practice University who recommended me for this interview. Susan approached me several months after I started my own practice and asked if I’d be willing to teach a course at Solo Practice University on Products Liability. Given Susan’s enthusiasm and cutting edge concept about how to assist solo practitioners in developing and growing their practice, I could give no other answer but yes. I started teaching my internet based classes earlier this year and it has been a great thrill and honor to be part of the start of a such a valuable, timely and much needed tool for the enterprising lawyer looking to start a solo or small firm.
Putting myself out into the social media world of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and my blog has allowed me to interact with individuals throughout the country and the world on issues related to products liability and helping the injured victims exposed to defective products. I highly recommend all lawyers, of both big and small firms, to venture into the world of social media. The contacts and interesting people you meet, some of whom you actually help, is invaluable to any practice.

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2 Responses to American Bar Association’s Magazine Runs Article Addressing Running a Solo Practice Featuing Yours Truly

  1. Craig, you are an easy recommend to reporters because you get it :-) Thanks for being such an invaluable part of Solo Practice University. And, yes, I met you through social media!

  2. jeremiah says:

    Craig, Do you think the course at Solo U. would be helpful to a lawyer in Florida with only criminal law experience, who wants to do plaintiff’s work in the near future as a solo? thanks.

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